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Think of Unblockr as a super fast VPN service that does not stream any data. The problem with a VPN is that your speed is restricted and shared with 1000’s of other users. Our DNS services direct your Kodi, streams and browsing directly to your device so you can obtain full speeds from your ISP. We shred your browsing history on our servers every 5 seconds to maintain a strict privacy policy and we do not share your data with any 3rd party. In addition to being super fast and keeping your browsing habits private, we also block all known malware domains to keep your devices safe from viruses and trojans!

At Unblockr we have our own Kodi addon that once configured will keep your subscription active with your IP address. This means never having to update your profile with your IP like other providers need. The Unblockr addon will also allow you to take your device around a friends house and use your subscription there too!

We support a huge list of sites and services and we are adding more every day. Should a site or addon not be included in our services then our subscribers can drop us a ticket via our helpdesk system and we will work with you to get the site/services working.

1 Week

£0001 week
  • One week FREE unlimited access

1 Month

  • £2.00 a month / Save £0.00

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£1000 6 monthly
  • £1.66 a month / Save £2.00

1 Year

  • £1.66 a month / Save £4.00
No credit card / bank account needed – 100% free to try. After the trial has ended you can subscribe to any of our subscriptions using PayPal. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time without any cancellation fee’s. Refunds will be granted if cancelling within the first 7 days after a subscription has been started. See our refund policy here.

Kodi Addon

Here at Unblockr we love Kodi. The ecosystem of addons makes it the ideal platform for viewing content. We constantly monitor the state of the addon community to determine which addons we should support. If there is an addon that you would like us to support, please sign up and contact our support team.

We know how much you hate it when your ISP changes your IP address and your DNS service stops working. So, we’ve created a special Kodi addon that will automatically update our servers whenever your IP address changes. It’ll even allow you to take your Kodi device to another location, plug it in and start using Unblockr without having to visit your Unblockr console page. Read more about the addon here.

“I’ve been using Unblockr since it started and can honestly say I don’t know what I would do without it. Support is fantastic, the guys will actually look at individual sites and get them working for you – try asking one of the DNS companies to do that!”
John Stanley
I will be bringing all of my customers to you guys due to how your dns is setup. It’s fantastic cos on the firestick you do the setup then never need to touch it again because of your addon. This is so much better then those companies which advertise an easy to use service!
Tim Simpson
“I tried different VPN services and they all killed my download speeds. Then I started to use Unblockr – wow! No drop in my speeds at all. Very easy to set up and it supports the addons I want to use in KODI”