DNS vs VPN - What's the difference?

We don’t want to sell you something you don’t need, so read the information below to get a brief understanding of the differences between the products to help you make an educated choice or click on the top links of each product for a more in-depth breakdown.

Our Unblockr VPN service should be used for IPTV, 100% anonymity and privacy. Because a VPN is encrypted through a shared tunnel, there are speed decreases when using a VPN. Speeds are determined by the power of your computer/device and how busy the VPN server is. Unblockr makes sure that our VPN servers are faster than our competitors.

Our Unblockr DNS service should be used for general surfing, UK TV streaming from outside the UK and gaming. It offers a decent level of obfuscation and protection. Unblockr DNS does not slow down your internet at all and we do not store your browsing history.

Know your privacy is in safe hands

We take your privacy very seriously and that of our own. Thats why we shred as much logging data on the fly as we can, so that we both remain protected. Its important you read your prospective service providers privacy policy. You can read ours here: Unblockr Privacy Policy

We have your IP as


DNS – A DNS server is like a telephone directory for all the websites in the world. When you use a DNS server provided by your ISP, you are asking them to give you the IP address of the website/service you requested when you surf the internet. They log these requests and hold that data for 7 years*. By changing your DNS server to a Smart DNS provider such as Unblockr, you protect yourself from that high level of snooping and traffic shaping. Here are also some other benefits with using Unblockr DNS:

  • No history stored on the DNS servers
  • No software to install
  • Use on unlimited amount of devices
  • Blazing fast – no reduction in speeds
  • Malware sites automatically blocked
  • Refund at any time for any unused subscription
  • Unblockr Kodi addon to keep your IP up to date on our systems

Our DNS price options

1 Week

£0001 week
  • One week FREE unlimited access

1 Month

  • £2.00 a month / Save £0.00

6 Months

£1000 6 monthly
  • £1.66 a month / Save £2.00

1 Year

  • £1.66 a month / Save £4.00
No credit card / bank account needed – 100% free to try. After the trial has ended you can subscribe to any of our subscriptions using PayPal. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time without any cancellation fee’s. Refunds will be granted if cancelling within the first 7 days after a subscription has been started. See our refund policy here.


VPN – A VPN is a service that encrypts all your internet data and sends it securely down a dedicated line. Unblockr VPN is the most secure way of browsing the internet anonymously. Your ISP or Government are not able to snoop on your internet using Unblockr VPN and you remain completely anonymous. Please note that VPN’s do have their limitations in that some times you will see a slight decrease in speed due to the overheads of encrypting and decrypting data on your device before it is sent down the VPN. The more powerful your device, the faster the VPN will be. Some advantages of VPN are:

  • 100% Anonymity
  • DNS comes free with the VPN service
  • No connection logs stored
  • Regenerate your certificates at any time for a new identity
  • Change your country and location on demand
  • Download and Stream content without being traffic shaped by your ISP
  • Watch IPTV without constant disconnections / being blocked

Our VPN price options

1 Week

£0001 week

1 Month


6 Months

£1800 6 monthly

1 Year



As an Unblockr reseller, you will earn 10% on all new sales generated + up to 25% on all subscription renewals for the lifetime of every account.

There’s no cap on your payouts and the recurring commissions continue in perpetuity for as long as the referred subscriber remains a customer!

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. Even if you only have a couple of your facebook friends join Unblockr using your affiliate link, that is still your own subscription paid for!

Email admin@unblockr.net to find out more!

“I’ve been using Unblockr since it started and can honestly say I don’t know what I would do without it. Support is fantastic, the guys will actually look at individual sites and get them working for you – try asking one of the DNS companies to do that!”
John Stanley
I will be bringing all of my customers to you guys due to how your dns is setup. It’s fantastic cos on the firestick you do the setup then never need to touch it again because of your addon. This is so much better then those companies which advertise an easy to use service!
Tim Simpson
“I tried different VPN services and they all killed my download speeds. Then I started to use Unblockr – wow! No drop in my speeds at all. Very easy to set up!”